Revisiting My Pet Issues

My wife’s friend Nancy gave us a cat as she was having trouble taking care of her new kitty litters.  She graciously accepted them without knowing that I don’t really like cats. It was a male American Shorthair cat, other people call them ASH. He was constantly purring as I watched him. He was so small and cute. He’s a tricolor of white, black and cream. He seems playful and active as he kept pushing the ball that I gave him. He likes getting near me and then licking my feet as it tickles me.

I asked Nancy if they already dewormed and had him vaccinated and she told me that the veterinarian had his clinic closed when she was going to get them treated. I asked my wife if there are other veterinarians near our area and told me that there is one besides the burger joint where my kids and I go frequently. I planned in going tomorrow since it’s already late.

First thing in the morning, I hurried eating breakfast so my son, George can drop me off the veterinarian. As I enter the clinic, I was glad that there were no queues for the checkup. I asked the receptionist if I can already have my kitten checked but she told me that the doctor is still on the way. He got a flat tire and he’s out for another 30 to 45 minutes. George opted to wait with me as he still had time to waste. I had my name listed as the first person that the doctor will see. As we were waiting, George and I talked about my kitten as he knows some things about it like how to take care of them, the things that they eat, and the diseases primarily pancreatitis in cats. Her girlfriend, Katie also has a cat that he sometimes also tends to.

roundworms in catsAfter almost an hour of waiting, George left me as he was going to be late for his work.   I asked the receptionist if the doctor was still coming. She told me that he’s almost here. After a few seconds, a white van pulled up and parked besides the clinic. I thought that it must be the veterinarian and I was right. He apologized for being late and mentioned that a nail busted his left rear wheel. It was fortunate that he didn’t get hurt. He let me and my kitten in and checked his condition. He injected him a deworming agent and prescribed him a powdered form of medicine to be mixed with his milk for roundworms in cats to be consumed for the next two days.

It was a while now that we had pets in the house. It was maybe because we were all busy with work. Now that I’m usually home alone I’d like to think that the kitten and I will be good buddies thanks to Nancy.


How to Prepare for an Emergency During Vacation

Everyone needs a break every now and then from the stress of everyday life; thus people have vacations. However, there is a real problem with vacations: disasters.

Whether you’re up in the Alps on a ski trip, or in the tropics of the Philippines, there is a realistic danger of unexpected disasters from striking at any moment. In the former example, avalanches take dozens of lives every year. In the latter, tropical storms and earthquakes can destroy millions of dollars worth of property, and cost far greater in terms of human life. That’s not all as well; every year, people get lost in the deserts of Africa, fall off cliffs while rock climbing in Kentucky, and so on and so forth. Travel guides and tourism agencies try to minimize such damages by telling tourists to prepare for the worst. The question therefore, becomes: how exactly do you accomplish this?

The first step to becoming prepared for emergencies is to become familiar with the risks in the area. Many different emergency scenarios require different approaches, and depending on where you intend to spend your vacation, the risk of which emergencies you face will vary. Mountainous regions are prone to avalanches and landslides. Areas close to fault lines are prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. There are also less natural emergencies such as car or airplane crashes.

Once familiar with what emergencies you might face during your vacation, the next step is to create a contingency plan based on the risks. For instance, it is wise to think of a rendezvous point in the event of a disaster, or become familiar of emergency services in the area. Warning systems must also be considered in the plan.

The next step is to secure an emergency pack. A well-prepared pack might include non-perishable food rations, water, clothing, a flashlight with spare batteries, at least two means of contacting outside help, a basic first-aid kit, and a sleeping bag. All these can easily fit into an average backpack, and some survivors will even find space to pack a lockbox to contain important documents or items. Situational items must also be taken into consideration; spelunkers will include climbing gear in their packs, and canoeists will most likely have a spare safety vest. Some areas may demand a sidearm to protect against looters, bandits, or other similar threats.

It is advisable that your emergency pack is separate from the rest of your luggage, but always in a place where you can easily get to it. This is especially important in the event of disasters that do not allow sufficient time to make it to a car or hotel before damage is dealt.

Once the plan and pack are prepared, it is a good idea to practice the emergency protocol before going on the trip. The more familiar a person is with his/her emergency plan, the greater the odds of survival.

Finally, the best way to protect against disaster is to avoid it entirely. This means not traveling to a tropical island when you know very well that it’s typhoon season, or not travelling to open plains during tornado season. Paying attention to high-risk areas also minimizes the chances of injury; such is the case when cross-country skiing, or trekking through rough terrain. While you may be well-prepared to survive should things go wrong, the odds are you would rather not have to use that emergency pack. Play safe to avoid disaster; but give yourself enough length on your leash to enjoy your vacation.

Business Relationships

My wife, Audrey and her friend Nancy just arrived at our home looking so tired and exhausted. I asked them what happened. They told me that they had attended Myer-Briggs Type Indicator Seminar. It was free and they were told that they might find it useful on hiring people for their blooming business. They added that infj relationships and infp relationships type of people might not be the best choice for their business. I wasn’t interested discussing it so I just agreed and nodded.

Instead, I asked them if they already received an email regarding an application letter of my friend’s son, Devin. He majored in Business Administration and I think that they can make good use of him in their company He just graduated college with flying colors and was looking for work in the neighbourhood because he doesn’t want to leave his parents alone in the house. He had offers working in New York but he ignored them. His father also told me that his girlfriend didn’t want him to go.

My wife told me that he was too busy with other things and maybe Nancy can do it since she is in charge with interviewing and hiring people for the company. Nancy was intrigued with the kid that he opted to stay in our little town for his parents and his girlfriend. She was also surprised that there were a number of applications sent to their company email. She didn’t think anyone would respond to their classified ad a month ago in the local newspaper. After the day they launched their ad, every day for a week, she checked their email but no one sent any applications. Normally, she hires people through referral of friends. Nancy and my wife were so happy hearing that there are more people interested to work for them.

Nancy and Audrey printed out the curriculum vitae of the applicants and carefully checked the information and the references for hours. They meticulously checked if the information they sent were correct. They made three stacks which were composed of the candidates to be interviewed, the second one, the pending candidates and lastly, the rejected applicants. Nancy was already making template emails for the rejected ones as Audrey was making personalized draft letters for applicants who will be interviewed. They still have to see if the applicants to be interviewed are really good or they’re just good in paper.

I asked Audrey where did they put Devin’s application but she said that it was a secret as Nancy winked at me laughing. Audrey told me that he’s going to be called for an interview but it’s still not a sure shot. He still has to impress them in person. I know that Devin is going places and it’s going to be a waste if they didn’t get him. I’m sure that he can help them with their business as they can help him have experience in his field as they all simultaneously prosper.

From River streams to a Fish Tank

When I was younger, my dad and I always go fishing with his friends at river streams nearby our town on weekends. I was always excited because I love the thrill of waiting and catching fishes. My dad and his friends were drinking beer and I was having my root beer, while we were waiting for the fishes to take our baits. We loved catching catfishes because they are very challenging to hook. We used a wide variety of catfish baits like chicken liver, hotdogs, colored wax and even the normal ones like bread balls, shrimps, night crawlers and corn, more information about the different types can be found at

I caught my biggest catch when I was younger, with just using a large chunk of chicken liver when I was 12 years old. It weighed about 25lbs. My dad and his friends were surprised that I have caught it myself. I love how my dad looked at me that time, as he was so proud about what I did and I really was. Since then, I have been fishing with them every week until I went to college.

A few months ago, I invited my two sons to fish with me and I am happy that they indulged their old man’s wishes. We went to the river streams early with a tackle box filled with baits and a few rods. We rented a big boat that could accommodate the three of us. I asked my wife Audrey to join us, but she told me that she would rather do household chores. Instead, she just gave us a basket full of treats and a cooler packed with ice and beer. My kids and I were so excited to catch some big ones. I tried to fish, but my body was not strong enough to reel in bigger fishes, so I just sat back and drink beer. I felt bad that I was not capable of fishing anymore, but at the same time, happy that I get to experience fishing with my kids too, like my dad and I used to do. My two sons caught a variety of big fishes that my wife would love to cook later. I told my sons to take it easy, as we were not going to run out of fishes to catch. I gave them an ice-cold beer and we took some time to talk with each other about our lives. My sons told me that we should do it often and it made me feel glad that they were enjoying themselves.

Life is just pretty ironic. I used to go out and get the biggest catfishes that I could, but now, I am stuck with a small fish tank with a cory catfish. I told my wife Audrey and she laughed at me. I joked that we could fish first thing in the morning and we both giggled. She told me that we already had our time, so we should just let the younger people do their thing and I agreed about with what she said.

Gardening Problems

My wife is really enjoying her gardening every day. All what she can talk about is about her ornamental plants and flower bushes. Her garden really looks great as she always calls it her masterpiece. There are rose shrubs, different kinds of orchids, sunflowers and hydrangeas. She even put up her own garden of herbs and spices with basil, rosemary, cinnamon and ginger. She told me that next week, she plans to plant garlic, onion and red peppers. I applauded her efforts and I added that she should really be proud about her garden because it really shows about her meticulous, hard work.

Last week, she told me that she might have scalp folliculitis, more information can be found at, because she has been wearing a big hat all day long when gardening out in the heat of the sun. She added that it has really been itchy so she is always tempted to scratch them and it resulted her to have scabs on scalp. I told her that she should get herself checked up as soon as possible. I asked her if she would like me to accompany her and she nodded. She told me that she would try to ask her friends about who is the best dermatologist to consult about her condition. She contacted her best friend Beth and she was told that Dr. Princeton is her best bet for her scalp problems.

My wife told me about Dr. Princeton and she already booked an appointment tomorrow with the doctor’s secretary. She added that it is not going to take too long and it is okay if I do not come along. I smiled at my wife and told her that I would always make time for her. We went to the doctor the next day and we are surprised about how many people are there availing for the doctor’s services. At the back of our minds, he must be really great about what she does.

My wife’s name is called and we entered the doctor’s premises. The doctor introduced herself and she asked my wife what brought her in her clinic. My wife told the doctor about that happened. The doctor assessed my wife’s scalp carefully and she told her that she has folliculitis. The doctor explained that such diseases occur when bacteria pool over my wife’s scalp for a long period of time. My wife told the doctor that she really enjoys gardening that much and she even loses track of time and I agreed with what she said. The doctor advised my wife to wipe her sweat off from time to time because bacteria thrive on them. She also prescribed my wife with a week’s worth of antibiotics to heal her. She also reminded her not to scratch them because it would just lead to further infections, which may be harder to treat. In the meantime, she asked my wife to not to spend so much time on her garden when the heat of the sun is at its fullest.

Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Disaster can strike at any given moment. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the confines of your home, or on vacation in the most peaceful paradise you can find; the threat of Mother Nature’s wrath is very real, and people often have to face the full force of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons, wildfires, avalanches, and any number of dangers. Even in places safe from most of these threats, people have to face equally dangerous scenarios such as transportation accidents, armed conflict, and terrorist attacks.

Thankfully, humankind is gifted with an ability called foresight; this is the ability to think ahead of the present, and anticipate future events. In the case of emergency scenarios, this means mankind has the ability to plan and minimize the dangers posed by disasters.

A good disaster preparedness plan is tailor-made to suit the situation, and/or the place where it is needed. For example, people deal with fires differently based on whether it is on a vehicle, at home, or in the wilderness. People also have different methods of dealing with a fire emergency and an earthquake emergency (though similarities arise between the two). However, all disaster plans have one thing in common: they allow survivors to get out alive.

The first part of any disaster preparedness plan familiarizes the individual with all escape routes. Almost every household, transport hub, hotel, and restaurant is designed to take into consideration that there are at least two ways to leave any room in the event of an emergency. By keeping an eye out for these escape routes, the odds of becoming trapped in a room are minimized, no matter what the danger. Knowing escape routes doesn’t just mean the building too. It is imperative to know where to go once outside for emergency services such as medicine in case of physical injury, shelter in case of continuous danger, or fire-supported “green zones” in the event of armed conflict.

It is also imperative to follow safety procedures during evacuation. Fire demands keeping low to avoid toxic smoke. Earthquakes require individuals to keep under the most solid structures such as tables and desks. Most facilities have safety manuals distributed, so it is advisable to try and find one upon entering in case an emergency occurs. Good contingency plans clearly disseminate information about likely scenarios and the proper course of action during these events.

Most disaster preparedness plans also require that those involved run drills on how to deal with emergency scenarios. For example, schools and other academic institutions hold fire and earthquake drills every semester to make sure that the system still works, and that the personnel and students are informed and ready should disaster strike.

Another problem that a disaster contingency plan must address is communication; this means calling for help, sending out messages about what happened, and receiving instruction on how to deal with the crisis. Emergency lines are readily available in most public and private buildings, and even a cell phone can be used to contact appropriate authorities to avert the danger.

Finally, when it comes to disaster preparedness, regular maintenance of the system is required to keep as many people safe as possible. Any structure that looks as though it wouldn’t hold up to an emergency – stairs, elevators, doorways, walls – must be repaired as soon as damage is found. Even individuals not involved with the maintenance of the building can help by reporting any flaws they notice.

Keeping people safe is no joke. Survival is a serious business that demands vigilance and effort. By coming up with working disaster preparedness plans, the job is made easier and more effective, allowing individuals to break odds and stay alive in the face of danger.

Marital Problems

Public servants like me are prone to stress, as we often absorb problems of other people. Sometimes, we even accidentally bring our work problems at home and we could not help it at times. I have been married to Audrey for more than thirty years and we both know our quirks and the signs that we are not in the mood, so we did not have problems dealing with that. I just love that we always try to compromise and understand each other.

Unfortunately, that was not the case with my friend, Richard. He is an emergency service technician like me. The difference between her wife and mine is that my wife knows how to adjust because she knows that my work is stressful enough, and she don’t want to add up. Richard’s wife often nags her about everything, even after he just came home from work. He was really irritated and annoyed with her wife. It even came to a point that he asked me a favor if he could stay at my place for a few days because he was tired of hearing the constant nagging from her wife. I told him that it is okay, but I still needed to tell my wife about it. I’m really lucky with my wife, as she understood what my friend is going through. I told Richard about it and he was glad that he could take a short vacation from his wife’s mouth.

Richard and I had a good time because we get to bond more. We let him stay with us for a few days in our guest room. During his last night with us, my wife and I decided to talk to him because we wanted to help him solve his marital problems. Richard told us that her wife was not like that when they met. He added that she used to be understanding, generous and caring. It started about a year ago when they could not conceive a child. She became so unreasonable about everything.

supplements for anxietyWe were surprised to know that he has had a relationship anxiety for months. He really needed to take time and step back to assess what is going on with them. He added that he almost took supplements for anxiety because he thought that he was going crazy. Audrey advised him to talk to his wife about their problems and from there, they could decide about what to do about their marriage. We asked him about his plans and he does not know it yet. What he only knew was that he misses her wife for a few days that he spent here in our home and I think that it is a good sign.

Audrey thought of something good. She has a friend who is a marriage counselor who has put up a new office downtown. She suggested that Richard and her wife go to her and seek treatment. I added that they should exhaust all ways first to fix their marriage before ending up with divorce and my wife agreed. Richard thanked us for our generosity and advices. He told us to wish him luck.


Knowledge is Power

Tommy, my grandson is enjoying his summer vacation with me. Whenever we weren’t out playing at the park, the beach or running errands, he’s either reading books or watching educational shows like National Geographic or Discovery Channel and having a good and interesting talk with me. It was really rare when I see him watch cartoons. One time, he stumbled upon her grandma’s old book. It is a red, dusty, old medical diseases book that her grandma used back in her college days. Her grandma took some minor in Anatomy way back. He asked me if he can clean and read it. I told him it’s okay but it’s better if I clean it for him. I cleaned it real good and gave it to him. He was so happy as he read it for hours without flinching. I asked him if he’s okay and told me that it’s a different book from what he usually reads but he’s enjoying it. I gave him a juice box and cookies for him to snack on.

what do kidney stones feel like

It was dinner time and we were having grilled, succulent pork chops, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy and Tommy asked us a question that made us grin. He asked us if we know anything about what do kidney stones feel like and I humored him that I only know home remedies for kidney stones. He grinned as he talked about what he read earlier. Her grandma was so amazed on what he can learn on a short span of time. I kidded that Tommy learned from the best while pointing my fingers at me. Tommy offered to help us with the dishes but I told him we can handle it and he just need to brush his teeth and change clothes for sleeping. He also asked me if I can tuck him in later. It struck me that even though he’s so smart, he’s still a child and I’m happy for that. I’m planning to get him some comic books tomorrow to get him more engaged with his kid side.

I asked Tommy if he already has plans on what to do when he gets older. He said that he wants to be an educator because he feels that everyone needs to be taught. He’s a really bright, young child indeed. Before going to sleep, my wife and I discussed that Tommy is really great not that we’re just saying that because, after all, we are his grandparents, but also he really is an amazing kid. We thought of giving him a trust fund for his studies in college. I’m pretty sure that his dad is going to be happy and excited about that. We really feel that we should invest in his studies because he has lots of potential on whatever he wants to do with his life. We also know that we’re getting older every minute and we can’t stay as long in this world as we want to. We just want to have something in this world, like a legacy.

Lifestyle Check

pain in right arm

My wife and I are just resting on our comfortable sofa while watching TV and we saw a new advertisement about stroke prevention. I was surprised that it is Stroke Awareness month. My wife told me that it is one of the leading diseases that kills Americans and we should try to eat healthier and exercise so we could prevent it. We also learned to watch out for signs and symptoms like pain in right arm and numbness in left arm that would tell us about a stroke, so we should call 911 immediately when that happens just to be on the safe side.

Since we watched the TV commercial advertisement, I noticed that my wife has been cooking healthier foods for the both of us. She used to cook more of meat and now, she made us both a salad. I thought that it was not that filling, but I was wrong. She told me that she used to eat it when she was younger and it gives her excellent bowel movement. We both agreed that we should at least try to change our lifestyle if we want to live longer and to spend more time with our sons and their families. I told her that we could exercise every morning and just jog or walk around our neighborhood. I am glad that she liked my idea, but she told me that she does not have a running shoe. I told her that I could buy her one at the mall if she promises to exercise with me every morning and she did.

We went to the mall and I accompanied her to buy her new running shoes. She was quite overwhelmed with the wide array of selections and colors. I suggested her to ask the sales clerk at the shop because I know that there are types of shoes for different kinds of feet. She asked the sales clerk about high arched feet and he recommended her a number of selections. Finally, she got one, which perfectly fits her foot type. I also got one for myself because my running shoes are somewhat old. We are both so excited to use them, so we planned to jog first thing in the morning.

It was five in the morning and we got up. We just had a couple of bananas and some milk before we go out to exercise. We are both surprised that some of our friends also jog in the morning. We really had fun as we exercise and bond with them. They told us that exercising gives them plenty of energy that they will need for the day. They also added that exercising gives off endorphins, which give them better mood. I told them what we just saw on a TV advertisement about stroke and that led my wife and me to try to regain our old, fit and healthy form.

Our friends told us that we could always join them early in the morning because they have been doing it for the past couple of weeks and it has been giving them great results. I told them that we would join them tomorrow if we could wake up again early.



Business Plans

Since I am already retired, I always spend my time here at home reading books, watching tv or anything that involves a couch. At first, I was so happy that I could spend more time with my wife and kids but the thing that I didn’t thought was they are busy. There were times that I give seminars but they are just once every two months. My wife had also retired but she recently ventured into a food catering business with her best friend. It’s still a small company but it’s been doing good as they cater to events such as weddings, birthdays and baptismal almost everyday. My two sons, on the other hand, are public servants so I also don’t see them at home often. There were many times that I’ve sat on the couch for hours and I can’t get up because I have lower left back pain. I don’t want to bother calling my wife and kids so I just sit there waiting for them to come home.

What I did instead was called some friends over. They are also retired servicemen so I thought to myself; they aren’t doing so well too. My friends were glad that called them because they we’re bored at home like me. Three friends came over, Mike used to be a detective while John and Dennis used to be firefighters. We became friends because we always see each other on the scene. I made a fresh pot of coffee and it smelled really good. I told them I have doughnuts in fridge if they want one.

We started talking about our experiences after retiring. We are all having a hard time adjusting because we were used to work on call, everyday of the week. We talked about the good times we had when we were on the business of public service. Mike also told us that he’s having some back pains like me, specifically middle back pain. John was wanting about his gouty arthritis telling us his wife won’t let him eat greasy food and it’s making him insane. He told us he was born to eat them as we laughed loudly. John was of the comics in our group and he still is good. Dennis, on the other hand, shared that her daughter is going to be married next year and he hopes we all can attend the wedding. We asked him if he likes the guy her daughter is getting married to. He just became silent as we nodded smiling. Oh well, the things that we do for family.

I added that my wife has ventured into a catering business then John asked us why we can’t do the same. I told them maybe we have the money but what kind of business can we open. I don’t have any other backgrounds whatsoever than public service. We started brainstorming until Dennis thought of something. He suggested opening up a security agency. I was a real good idea since we know some parts of it. Although, we still have to research further and come up with a business plan. I told them to do separate researches and meet again next week to make comparisons and study its feasibility. I hope everything goes according to plan. I’ll see them again next week.

The Quest is Over

Audrey has long been bothered by the bunions on both of her feet. She told me that she had it since her college days. I was surprised to know about it because we have been together since college and I never noticed it back then. I asked her about what causes bunions and she told me that she used to love wearing high-heeled shoes every day. She added that it develops when one uses ill-fitting shoes, which are too narrow or too wide for the foot. I thought to myself that it was the reason why she do not use those kind of shoes anymore.

Last week, she got home and I noticed that she bought a lot of shoes from the mall. I asked her if there was a reason behind it. She told me that she has been looking for the most comfortable shoes that would not give her pain on her feet because her bunions give added friction to the shoes. I laughed and I asked her if she fits her shoes at the shoe shop. She told me that she does not need to fit them because she already knows her shoe size. She began using them one at a time and she was frustrated because most of the shoes that she bought were uncomfortable and they still give her pain on her feet.

I told Audrey to research on the web if there is such a thing like the best shoes for bunions. She spent about two hours and she found none. I suggested that she go to a podiatrist to have a consult about her feet. She found a doctor who has a clinic downtown and she decided to give her a call. The secretary answered the phone and she told my wife that the doctor has an available slot tomorrow morning. My wife asked me to come along tomorrow.

We went to the clinic the next day. The doctor asked my wife about what brought her to the clinic and she told the doctor about her problem. She consulted the doctor about her bunions about what to do with them without surgery and the doctor told her that she could use padding and splints for her bunions. She also asked about the best shoes for her condition and her podiatrist told her that there is no such thing because it is very subjective. She reminded my wife to keep in mind to fit her shoes before buying them. It is not important if she already knew her shoe size, because they always vary depending on the design and the brand. Some may fit and some will not. She also needs to wear it and walk around at the shop wearing the shoes to make sure that it fits. The doctor shared that both feet naturally does not have the same size, so she should buy the shoe size for the larger foot. The doctor also added that it is better to buy shoes at the end of the day as the feet is at its largest because it is already tired and a bit swollen.