Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Disaster can strike at any given moment. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the confines of your home, or on vacation in the most peaceful paradise you can find; the threat of Mother Nature’s wrath is very real, and people often have to face the full force of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons, wildfires, avalanches, and any number of dangers. Even in places safe from most of these threats, people have to face equally dangerous scenarios such as transportation accidents, armed conflict, and terrorist attacks.

Thankfully, humankind is gifted with an ability called foresight; this is the ability to think ahead of the present, and anticipate future events. In the case of emergency scenarios, this means mankind has the ability to plan and minimize the dangers posed by disasters.

A good disaster preparedness plan is tailor-made to suit the situation, and/or the place where it is needed. For example, people deal with fires differently based on whether it is on a vehicle, at home, or in the wilderness. People also have different methods of dealing with a fire emergency and an earthquake emergency (though similarities arise between the two). However, all disaster plans have one thing in common: they allow survivors to get out alive.

The first part of any disaster preparedness plan familiarizes the individual with all escape routes. Almost every household, transport hub, hotel, and restaurant is designed to take into consideration that there are at least two ways to leave any room in the event of an emergency. By keeping an eye out for these escape routes, the odds of becoming trapped in a room are minimized, no matter what the danger. Knowing escape routes doesn’t just mean the building too. It is imperative to know where to go once outside for emergency services such as medicine in case of physical injury, shelter in case of continuous danger, or fire-supported “green zones” in the event of armed conflict.

It is also imperative to follow safety procedures during evacuation. Fire demands keeping low to avoid toxic smoke. Earthquakes require individuals to keep under the most solid structures such as tables and desks. Most facilities have safety manuals distributed, so it is advisable to try and find one upon entering in case an emergency occurs. Good contingency plans clearly disseminate information about likely scenarios and the proper course of action during these events.

Most disaster preparedness plans also require that those involved run drills on how to deal with emergency scenarios. For example, schools and other academic institutions hold fire and earthquake drills every semester to make sure that the system still works, and that the personnel and students are informed and ready should disaster strike.

Another problem that a disaster contingency plan must address is communication; this means calling for help, sending out messages about what happened, and receiving instruction on how to deal with the crisis. Emergency lines are readily available in most public and private buildings, and even a cell phone can be used to contact appropriate authorities to avert the danger.

Finally, when it comes to disaster preparedness, regular maintenance of the system is required to keep as many people safe as possible. Any structure that looks as though it wouldn’t hold up to an emergency – stairs, elevators, doorways, walls – must be repaired as soon as damage is found. Even individuals not involved with the maintenance of the building can help by reporting any flaws they notice.

Keeping people safe is no joke. Survival is a serious business that demands vigilance and effort. By coming up with working disaster preparedness plans, the job is made easier and more effective, allowing individuals to break odds and stay alive in the face of danger.

How to Prepare for an Emergency During Vacation

Everyone needs a break every now and then from the stress of everyday life; thus people have vacations. However, there is a real problem with vacations: disasters.

Whether you’re up in the Alps on a ski trip, or in the tropics of the Philippines, there is a realistic danger of unexpected disasters from striking at any moment. In the former example, avalanches take dozens of lives every year. In the latter, tropical storms and earthquakes can destroy millions of dollars worth of property, and cost far greater in terms of human life. That’s not all as well; every year, people get lost in the deserts of Africa, fall off cliffs while rock climbing in Kentucky, and so on and so forth. Travel guides and tourism agencies try to minimize such damages by telling tourists to prepare for the worst. The question therefore, becomes: how exactly do you accomplish this?

The first step to becoming prepared for emergencies is to become familiar with the risks in the area. Many different emergency scenarios require different approaches, and depending on where you intend to spend your vacation, the risk of which emergencies you face will vary. Mountainous regions are prone to avalanches and landslides. Areas close to fault lines are prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. There are also less natural emergencies such as car or airplane crashes.

Once familiar with what emergencies you might face during your vacation, the next step is to create a contingency plan based on the risks. For instance, it is wise to think of a rendezvous point in the event of a disaster, or become familiar of emergency services in the area. Warning systems must also be considered in the plan.

The next step is to secure an emergency pack. A well-prepared pack might include non-perishable food rations, water, clothing, a flashlight with spare batteries, at least two means of contacting outside help, a basic first-aid kit, and a sleeping bag. All these can easily fit into an average backpack, and some survivors will even find space to pack a lockbox to contain important documents or items. Situational items must also be taken into consideration; spelunkers will include climbing gear in their packs, and canoeists will most likely have a spare safety vest. Some areas may demand a sidearm to protect against looters, bandits, or other similar threats.

It is advisable that your emergency pack is separate from the rest of your luggage, but always in a place where you can easily get to it. This is especially important in the event of disasters that do not allow sufficient time to make it to a car or hotel before damage is dealt.

Once the plan and pack are prepared, it is a good idea to practice the emergency protocol before going on the trip. The more familiar a person is with his/her emergency plan, the greater the odds of survival.

Finally, the best way to protect against disaster is to avoid it entirely. This means not traveling to a tropical island when you know very well that it’s typhoon season, or not travelling to open plains during tornado season. Paying attention to high-risk areas also minimizes the chances of injury; such is the case when cross-country skiing, or trekking through rough terrain. While you may be well-prepared to survive should things go wrong, the odds are you would rather not have to use that emergency pack. Play safe to avoid disaster; but give yourself enough length on your leash to enjoy your vacation.

Eating Out

David Jr.’s wife just had given birth to a very healthy baby girl. We are all so happy that our family is growing. My wife and I thought of celebrating, so we invited them and George’s family at a night out in a fancy restaurant downtown. We are all excited because it has been a while since we ate out as we just usually have home cooked meals by my wife and me at home. I asked my wife about the reason why she agreed about the idea about going to a restaurant and she told me that she is just tired of gardening for a few days and she just needs to relax and I agreed about her decision. I told her that I am a bit tired also of caring for my new dog, as I always have to walk him around the neighborhood. We told our sons to meet us up at the restaurant to save them the hassle of picking us up at home. They were actually insisting to pick us up, and we told them that they could just drop us at home after dinner.

During dinner, I noticed that the girls are talking discreetly on the other side of the table, so I eavesdropped a little and heard the words stretch marks on breasts. My two sons are also intrigued so they asked me about what topic are they talking about this time. I whispered to my sons that they might be talking about how to remove stretch marks and we all laughed. My wife noticed that we are also having our own conversations and she asked why we are laughing. I told my wife that I heard what they are talking about and she told me that it is a serious issue with women. We had a beautiful meal with our growing family and they are so grateful that my wife and I treated them to a feast of good food and good company. My sons told us that that the next time that we go out, it is their turn to treat us.

When we got home, I asked my wife how she lightened her stretch marks. She shared that she consulted a very good dermatologist about it. She added that she used many methods. She explained that it was on a trial and error basis and it was very frustrating on her part. She told me that it was the reason why she got so moody after she had given birth to our sons and we both grinned. I asked her about what did she advise our son’s wives to do with their stretch marks. She said that she instructed them to put apply a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and some sugar. They have to exfoliate their skin thrice a week and they would notice the change in a month or so. She also told me that if they want a more reliable treatment, they could always have a laser treatment with a dermatologist.

My New Pet

Since our retirement, my wife and I have more time to do our passions in life. I find my wife gardening in our backyard most of the time, and I do not have much to do, so she suggested me to help her. I do not like gardening that much, so I quit just after a few days. My wife suggested that I get myself a dog and I am so happy with what she said. It is because that she hated dogs for the longest time, as she does not like cleaning after them. She reminded me that I have to do all the work because she has her own thing too that keeps her busy. I promised her that I will always take care of the dog and she does not have to lift a finger.

I told my son that I am planning to get a dog and he is the perfect one to help me because he is a member of the K9 unit of the Police department. Since he was young, he has been really good in taking of dogs. He really knows what to do and what not to do with them. He asked me about the breed that do I want to get. I told him that I want a big guard dog who is also very loyal and friendly towards their owners. My son suggested getting myself a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepherd, but I told him that I don’t have that much energy to groom them because they have such long coats. He then suggested that I get a Doberman Pinscher instead. He told me that he could accompany me this coming weekend to go directly to dog breeders, so I could choose which puppy that I want to get. I asked him about why we do not just go to a pet shop downtown. He explained that puppies out there is not well taken care compared with puppies from breeders. He added that breeders give their pets special care and I agreed about his plans.

It is a weekend and I am so excited to get my Doberman puppy. I asked my wife to come with us, but she told me that she has many things to do around the house and her garden. My son picked me up at home and we went off to the breeder’s house. He told me that he is the same breeder who supplies the Police department. We pulled over in front of the breeder’s home and we knocked on his door. A tall man opened his door and he shook my hands. He introduced himself as Gary and he told me that I could choose from three Doberman puppies that he currently have on stock.

I am so happy that they all look great. I chose a male, blue fawn Doberman puppy and he seems so happy that he finally has a new owner. Gary reminded me to be wary of yeast allergy specifically corn allergy symptoms because it is rampant as of late. He added that I should feed them hypoallergenic dog foods because it would prevent them from getting hives and frequent scratching.

Hazards of Smoking

I used to smoke two to three packs a day when I was still working and it took me some time to be diagnosed with bronchitis. I started smoking way back in college when I had to deal with too much stress because I was failing Trigonometry. I am really bad with Math. I used to burn the midnight oil with coffee and a pack of smokes and it worked wonders because I passed the subject with flying colors. Since then, I have acquired the habit of smoking when I am under a great deal of stress.

I had been a professional emergency service technician for thirty years and you could only imagine how much stress that I had to deal with every day. I experienced frequent coughing and gasping for air, so I went to my doctor for an examination. At first, I did not tell my wife about my condition because I was sure that she is going to get angry with me. The doctor made me have deep breaths and he used a stethoscope to hear my breathing patterns. He also asked me to have an x-ray to confirm his suspicions. Before I was tested, my doctor told me that it was a toss-up between bronchitis vs. pneumonia. He added that there are no lesser evils because both diseases impede proper breathing.

I had to take a number of bronchitis remedies, similar to the ones mention at and it took me months before regaining my health back. I told my doctor that I am addicted to smoking and he advised me to cease smoking gradually, but my wife insisted that I just quit cold turkey. I did not want a long, gruesome argument with my wife back then, so I quitted the next day. It was so hard because I experienced withdrawal symptoms like headaches and mood swings for a couple of weeks. I got myself some nicotine patches to offset my quitting somehow.

I told my wife about it and she told me that she would help me to endure the symptoms. She gave me alternative things to do like keeping me busy in helping her around the house and it worked for a while. I still had some cravings, so I secretly smoke a stick outside. It was quite funny that my wife knew about what I was doing, but she did not say a single thing about it. I was just surprised when I finally quit for good and got rid of the cravings, and then she told me that she knew that I used to secretly light a cigarette from time to time because she said that non-smokers’ noses are more sensitive to tobacco smokes. I thanked her for making her quit because I know that smoking is a health hazard especially to people around me. She apologized for making me quit abruptly, but she added that it is for our own good. I told her that it is I who should ask for an apology because I am really stubborn about my addiction. She also added that it is reported that second hand smoke is even deadlier and I agreed.

Losing Someone

About 2 years ago, my son, a fireman responded on a very large fire on a building on the 13th street. It was a very old, rustic building. I don’t think it’s going to pass their building quality inspections test if they check it now. Some of the fire exits were either locked or its stairs were broken. It really wasn’t up to code as it also didn’t have fire extinguishers every floor that is large enough to put out a simple grease fire. I can’t imagine on what I’m going to do if I was the unit owner and was trapped between the fire and the useless fire exits. They investigated the cause of the fire and they found out that it started on a piece of a cigarette left on top of a sofa. The person was drunk and knocked out cold. It just turned out that it was near a liquid petroleum gas used for cooking by the unit owner then it was a chain reaction, it exploded and advanced to every floor. It started from the 5th floor and escalated quickly up to the 10th floor. They were the first ones to respond since their fire department is the nearest in the vicinity.

Numerous fire trucks started arriving every minute as the fire keeps getting bigger and bigger while it swallows everything around it. Our van also arrived on the scene to wait for people needing medical attention. The firefighters, risking their lives, breaks every door and windows that they can use as an entrance to try to save people who were still inside the burning building. Some of them wore gas masks to enable them to stay inside longer. They were so efficient because the saved many people in under a minute.

One of them was a kid named Simon who told me that he was an only child. He looks like he was only 11 years old. His face is black because of the smoke and toxins in the air inside the building. I immediately gave him an oxygen mask since he was having a hard time breathing. He kept on crying with the words mommy. I told him to rest and be calm as I will try to ask people if they’ve seen his mom. I radioed my colleagues and told if there was a woman looking for a boy, it might be the boy that I was treating. He also has 2nd degree burns on his arms and legs. I applied the necessary first aid techniques to prevent infection like putting antiseptics, anti bacterial ointments and putting a bandage on it.

I can’t imagine what I’m going to do if I was to lose my mom due to an accident like a fire. It must be very hurtful. I still haven’t asked the kid if he has sibling or where is his dad. I hope he won’t have little emperor syndrome and the possibility of losing her mom. I don’t have any idea on how to get over someone that you’re used to be with everyday, the one who took care of you all your life that’s why, when my mom was still alive, I spent all my available free time with her to make more happy memories with her that I’ll treasure every day.

My Junior’s Problems

I named my eldest, David Jr., because I wanted so leave something in this world with my name, and my wife thought that it was funny. We also call him Junior. My eldest kid used to hate his name when he was younger because people always sees him as my mini-me version. As he got older, he became more proud that we have the same names, as he looked up to me as his role model growing up and eventually, he also became a public servant like me.

David Jr. grew up like any other typical kid. He played ball with his friends every week at the nearby park. We taught him how to do household chores like cleaning his own room and arranging his own wardrobe. When he was in middle school, he started to get more concerned with his self-image, but unfortunately, heredity had something to say about it because he got the acne breakouts from my side of the family. I was lucky enough that I did not experience a lot of it and my dad told me that my children would have them and he was right.

David Jr. woke up one day and he did not want to go to school because he had acne on his face. I told him that it is normal on my side of the family. He was even luckier because when I was his age, I had big nodular acne on my forehead and nose. My classmates used to call me Rudolph and I am glad that it did not stick. I told my son to ask his Audrey, her mom, about what to do with his acne as I am off to work. I also told him to tell his mom to update me about his problem.

Junior found her mom outside the backyard tending to our small garden. She was surprised that he had a breakout. She asked him if he wanted a consult with a dermatologist and he told her mom that he was desperate. He shared that he also has a classmate who had a breakout a few weeks ago and he became the target of teasing and bullying.

Audrey understood where our son was coming from so she told him to get ready in an hour and they would go to the clinic. Junior was excited, but at the same time, he was terrified about the treatment. They went off to the clinic and they met the kind doctor outside her office. She told them that her assistant was on a sick leave, so she has also been doing her own scheduling for now. The doctor invited them inside the clinic and asked Junior what brought him to her clinic. He told her about his concerns and the doctor made a treatment plan specially made for my son. The doctor told my son that he could undergo a treatment called salicylic acid peel wherein she would put a layer of salicylic on his face for peeling. It would take him a few days for his face to peel completely, but it would be worth it. Audrey called me about the plan and I told them to get another treatment because our son could not afford to be absent from school for more days. The doctor understood and she told them that they could try another kind of treatment.

Nasty Sunburns

My wife is really enjoying the time of her life gardening. It is already summer so I asked her if she is putting on a sunscreen lotion to protect her skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays that the summer sun is giving off to be safe. She said that I do not have to worry about her because her skin is used to these kinds of conditions. I joked that it would be funny seeing her aching from pain again because I remember that she used to have a very bad sunburn when we used to frequent beaches when we were younger. She do not have a clue about what happened back then, so she made me refresh her memory.

We were vacationing at Miami, Florida back then and we would always lie on the sand to get our tan on. We spent lots of time under the sun so we always put on a sunscreen as protection. My wife just loves swimming under the sun and sometimes, jet skiing, while me on the other hand, enjoys tanning my whole body while reading a good book and drinking beer. We just love the sound of the waves going to the shore.

One time, my wife forgot to put on some sunscreen and she got a sunburn on her arms and back. We did not have any antibiotic ointments that time, so we resorted to using vinegar for sunburn, which I learned from the experts at We were lucky enough because we just got it for free on the restaurant inside the hotel that we were staying. It was a bit funny when I look back because she really smelled bad, but at the same time, she told me that it was soothing her skin really good. The problem was that she could not get out of our hotel room because she reeks of vinegar. I told her that I would try to ask around if there are shops where I could get a remedy for her sunburn.

I felt so bad for her so I planned to go to the nearest pharmacy to get her some ointments. I came down to the hotel’s lobby and I asked the hotel staff where I could get an antibiotic cream for my wife. Fortunately enough, they were nice to give me one for free. They told me that there have been many incidents like what happened to my wife that is why they have stocked up on burn ointments for their customers. I thanked the staff and I went back to our room to tell my wife about the good news. My wife was so thankful to me and to the staff that gave me the medicine. She told me that she would never go out on the sun again without her sunscreen on.

My wife finally remembered what happened back then and she thanked me that I made her remember what happened back then. I reminded her to put on the sunscreen an hour before she goes out and she agreed.

Family Bonding

I am very proud of my sons, as they also became a public servant like their grandparents and me. David Jr. is a cop whose love for dogs made himself transfer to K9 unit just recently, while my other son George is a firefighter. Both of them are really good about what they do. My wife and I are very happy that our sons still make time to visit us from time to time. It is just nice that we still have a feel of a family even though they are already grown-ups and have families of their own.

Every month, we have a thing that our sons come over with their families to have dinner with us. My wife and I always look forward to it because we just miss having them around. We also feel that we need to enjoy them as long as we are still strong and healthy. My wife told me one time that she wants us to bond more with our son and their families, so I suggested that we see each other twice a month instead of once. My wife is so happy with my idea and she plans to ask our sons about it when they come over later for dinner.

My wife made their favorite casserole and baked a chocolate cake for our only grandson Tommy, while I just put a dry rubbed, succulent, T Bone steak in the oven. After a few minutes, our sons came in our house and my wife told me that she wants them to live in our house instead, but I told her that it would not happen because they already have their own houses. I reminded my wife that they are already grown-ups. I added that they already have their own lives and she should understand that.

http://www.dogcareguidelines.netWe were having dinner and our cute grandson Tommy is still curious as ever. He just heard that his uncle David Jr., is on a K9 unit of the Police department, so he asked his uncle if can dogs eat bananas because he tried feeding his dogs at home and they just ignored them. Junior laughed at his nephew’s question and he answered it. He told his nephew that he has done it twice, but it is not protocol for the Police department. He added that they feed them hypoallergenic dog food. His nephew was going to ask him about what it is and he already started explaining that it is a type of dog food that does not have allergens on them, so the dogs would not be prone with types of allergies like hives.

Tommy is so fascinated with the things that he learned from his uncle. His uncle even invited him to come to their police department to see their dogs. He is so happy and excited with the invitation that his dad cannot resist saying yes to his son. George told his brother that they would try to come down to his station next week.

Revisiting My Pet Issues

My wife’s friend Nancy gave us a cat as she was having trouble taking care of her new kitty litters.  She graciously accepted them without knowing that I don’t really like cats. It was a male American Shorthair cat, other people call them ASH. He was constantly purring as I watched him. He was so small and cute. He’s a tricolor of white, black and cream. He seems playful and active as he kept pushing the ball that I gave him. He likes getting near me and then licking my feet as it tickles me.

I asked Nancy if they already dewormed and had him vaccinated and she told me that the veterinarian had his clinic closed when she was going to get them treated. I asked my wife if there are other veterinarians near our area and told me that there is one besides the burger joint where my kids and I go frequently. I planned in going tomorrow since it’s already late.

First thing in the morning, I hurried eating breakfast so my son, George can drop me off the veterinarian. As I enter the clinic, I was glad that there were no queues for the checkup. I asked the receptionist if I can already have my kitten checked but she told me that the doctor is still on the way. He got a flat tire and he’s out for another 30 to 45 minutes. George opted to wait with me as he still had time to waste. I had my name listed as the first person that the doctor will see. As we were waiting, George and I talked about my kitten as he knows some things about it like how to take care of them, the things that they eat, and the diseases primarily pancreatitis in cats. Her girlfriend, Katie also has a cat that he sometimes also tends to.

roundworms in catsAfter almost an hour of waiting, George left me as he was going to be late for his work.   I asked the receptionist if the doctor was still coming. She told me that he’s almost here. After a few seconds, a white van pulled up and parked besides the clinic. I thought that it must be the veterinarian and I was right. He apologized for being late and mentioned that a nail busted his left rear wheel. It was fortunate that he didn’t get hurt. He let me and my kitten in and checked his condition. He injected him a deworming agent and prescribed him a powdered form of medicine to be mixed with his milk for roundworms in cats to be consumed for the next two days.

It was a while now that we had pets in the house. It was maybe because we were all busy with work. Now that I’m usually home alone I’d like to think that the kitten and I will be good buddies thanks to Nancy.


Doctors, Specialists and Failed Marriages

Our community just had a free seminar about medical conditions, signs and symptoms, treatments, preventions and first aid medications. Many professionals and specialists were invited to conduct a talk. I was also honoured and privileged to be invited to belong on such celebrated guests. I was assigned to talk about first aid treatments. Doctors talked about many common diseases like common colds, fever, flu, and coughing to the complicated ones like diabetes mellitus and insipidus, all types of cancer, pneumonia, hypertension and other heart related diseases. They also mentioned weird and bizarre ones that totally exist like metal taste in mouth, sweet taste in mouth, human werewolf syndrome and fish odour syndrome. I was the last one who stood the seminar participants and they all looked tired listening to the past speakers so I thought to myself to try a different approach. Instead of going on like textbook, I tried to engage with the participants. I asked a few of them to join me on stage to make re-enactments for accidents and how do we treat them accordingly. Fortunately, it worked on them. I even got a standing ovation. It took all of us to consume more than 7 hours and we were all so weary and exhausted but at the same time, happy and fulfilled as we shared our knowledge for the common good.

My wife and I were heading down to the parking lot as an old friend of mine a few years back tapped me from behind. He is Dr. Kaplan and he specializes in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. He told me that I gave a very nice and lively talk. I asked him why didn’t he gave a talk since he has more to share but he told me that he thought that he wasn’t going to make it so he cancelled. He was having marital problems as of late as her wife was divorcing him. It was really sad to learn about it. My wife and I felt bad for him so we invited him to go with us in our house but he politely said no. We exchanged numbers and drove away.

My wife and I decided to stop by a nearby restaurant instead of cooking at home because we’re too lazy to do so. As I entered the room, I saw Dr. Kaplan meeting up with a man with a black briefcase. He looked like an authority figure as he was tall and muscular and was wearing designer suit and tie. The doctor also saw me as we passed by his table. He shook my hand and whispered that it was his divorce lawyer and they were planning to make a case to counter his wife’s affidavit. I nodded and smiled as my wife and I went to our table.

As my wife and I ate a scrumptious meal, we felt sad with what happened to Dr. Kaplan’s marriage as they used to go out with us frequently a few years ago. I just hope the dust settles down and they remember the most important thing in their marriage, their kids.

Couldn’t Ask For More

My wife and I had prior arrangements before having children that if I name our first kid then she’ll have to name the second one, in essence, we just take turns. I named my first born child, David Jr. as I’ve always wanted to have a junior. When he was younger, he used to be shy around people. I remember whenever we had family dinners back then, he was just quiet and observing people. I’m glad that he overcame that shyness now as he has lots of friends always coming over at home. Our other son is George which was named by my wife after his grandfather. When he was young, he was so active and playful. He didn’t had any problems making friends.

Both of our sons are public servants because during their younger years, I’d like to think that I’ve influenced them a lot. I let them ride in the ambulance from time to time to have them experience what I do every day. I also used to tell them good, old stories about my work that really fascinated them and in turn, made my eldest David Jr. strive to a cop and George as a firefighter. Both of them take pride on what they do like I did.

It’s just a weird thing now that they were both injured at the same time but on different places. David Jr., a cop, was undergoing further training for a promotion. He had a sprained foot when he tried sprinting across the field while George, the fire fighter, had an ankle injury when he was rescuing a child and his cat out of a building. He now has symptoms of tingling feet related to it.

It is bittersweet that they were both injured but now, I will have more time to spend with them, the way we used to. I told them that I was planning to make barbeque on the backyard. Surprisingly, my two sons were excited as they haven’t tasted my cooking for a while. I told them that they can marinade the meat and I’ll just take a quick shopping to get a few more charcoals and lighter fluid. I like it better cooking them them because it tastes so much better than using propane tanks. George also asked me to get corn and potatoes as he wants to make a side dish of it.

As I was shopping, I was surprised that I bumped into my wife. She was with her friend Nancy, her co-partner in her business. I told my wife what I was doing with the kids and told me that she would also come along since they were already finished for the day’s work. My wife also got some burgers, buns, pickles, mustard and mayonnaise since she thought that our steaks at home might not last since both of our boys love their steaks.

My wife and I got home and started cooking. I sat for a while as I was staring at wife and my two boys doing the cooking. It made me realize how fortunate I am with them having them as my family. I couldn’t ask for more.